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Gunnebo SMI Server 


Management Software Interface
SMI Server system provides a local, remote and real-time supervision of the security functions. A single user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy-to-use is available in two versions:
A simplified web interface - offering a secure access to data via stations at different points in the company.
A complete operational interface - incorporating customizable requests such as intuitive configuration, alarm logs associated with dynamic graphic maps...
SMI Server system
SMI Server system incorporates a range of controlled and supervised security functions. The system connects with intelligent controllers, installed locally to perform security functions and to manage remote controls. It features:
Access control
A system to regulate, manage and control movements of people and accessibility to particular areas, incorporating the main identification technologies available on the market (magnetic stripes, proximity cards, 125 KHz, MSPASS, biometrics, Mifare®...).
Intrusion detection
Intruder alarms functions, management of technical alarms and automatic operation of the sites under surveillance.


Ability to manage images associated with events with a real-time view.
External applications and equipment
A perfect compatibility with existing equipment and an open communication and information system that interfaces with external applications.
SMI Server is scaleable system and easy to adapt to any architecture, from the simplest to the most complex.


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