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Prison Locking Solutions from ChubbLocks Custodial


Expertise and proven product performance are the two fundamental factors in maintaining CLCS's position as the global leader in prison locking solutions.As a major supplier of locks to prison authorities both nationally and globally, CLCS have continued to adapt to the ever changing demands of custodial environments. A lock to keep people in is more uniquely challenged than a lock designed to keep people out. The highest consideration is the constant and unrelenting stress that the lock must resist in order to perfrom.

In our strategic planning we are not only looking at new methods of deployment and operation, but also the ingenuity of those on the other side of the door.
It is the ability to always stay ahead of the next aggressive idea that enables our locks to deliver the ultimate in custodial performance. As well as the more traditional cell locks and pass locks, CLCS have also developed and implemented the definitive ATLAS® (Advanced Technology Lock Access System) technology within many prisons, in response to demands for a more integrated, computer  mounted locking system.

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