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Chubb Safes Electronic Home Safe


The Chubbsafes Electronic Home safe is specially designed to protect limited amounts of cash and valuables within a domestic or office surrounding. In addition to theft protection this safe has passed a 90 minute fire rating for protecting paper documents.The Electronic Home Safe incorporates the latest design in digitally controlled locking mechanisms. The electronic lock is secured by a 6-digit code offering 1 million code changes. The keypad incorporates a Light Emitting Diode (LED) that clearly displays the functions being operated by the user as well as providing a 'lockout' feature should there be 3 unauthorized attempts to open the safe. A key over ride feature is also standard should the batteries be allowed to run low.The electronic lock controls a pair of heavy steel moving bolts securing the front edge of the safe's door. A separate pair of dead bolts also secures the back edge of the door providing additional resistance to attempted attacks on the safe's door. The Electronic Home Safe comes with a wood panel drawer complete with compartments to accommodate jewellery and other small valuables. For added security, the Electronic Home Safe has the option of being anchored to any stable base with two reinforcing bolts.

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