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Interior Sign Systems

Modulex practically invented the interior architectural sign system. For years architects around the world have been specifying stylish and adaptable signs from the Modulex range.
Collaboration with the best designers and an uncompromising approach to production quality has produced the best range of interior signs in the business.
Modulex Interior signs are simple, elegant and contemporary. Components are modular and freely interchangeable, allowing efficient updating and maintenance, with guaranteed consistency and quality of finish.


Infinity Classic / Infinity Rail

The name Infinity relates very close to the physical product with all the possible configurations. The core of the Patented Infinity interior program is a 3 mm solid aluminum plate.
With Infinity Classic, you’ve got free hands to create your own, personal look. There’s an unlimited colours and materials, including wood, metal and composites. By combining a fixed back plate with exchangeable fronts, you can create a sign that meet your brand and design specifications. In short, Infinity is the most flexible sign system out there

This system can be featured with tactile text and symbols and braille in line with legislation. 


Infinity Basic / Infinity Blazon / Infinity Ellipsis

Using the core value of Infinity, different shapes are possible in the product range. The distinct shapes and impression gives a sign which fits excellent into any architectural environment.
With Infinity Basic, you’ve got free hands to create your own customized design. There are unlimited shapes and colours and with the use of graphic features you can create a 100% personal sign supporting the design specifications of your brand.

This system can be featured with tactile text and symbols and braille in line with legislation.


Macer Interior

This platform is born to meet the raising demands for using new and alternative material for signage. The simple and light design visually makes the wall sign float in front of the wall because the panel has only been secured at the bottom.
Macer is the Latin word for lean. Macer is based on a simple and light design where the panel has only been secured at the bottom. This creates maximum freedom for panel shapes and material. A unique locking system has been invented for the paperflex signs to prevent unauthorized personal to move or change the messages on the signs.

This system can be featured with tactile text and symbols and braille in line with legislation. 


Messenger Interior

Using the unique construction with a bended aluminum plate on a plastic frame to create a flat sign is a good example where design, esthetic and economy are balanced to create a good product.
Messenger Interior gives you a complete signage system that fits perfectly with most environments. With more than 50 standard sized panels, the range includes everything from table stands to monoliths. And if a standard sized doesn’t meet your needs, we’ll produce one that does. You can combine the sign panels with electronic displays that can be updated manually or automatically when, for example, an employee leaves for a meeting.

This system can be featured with tactile text and symbols and braille in line with legislation. 


Ocean (Interior)

Ocean represents a full range of interior paper flex signs. The extended use of injection moulded parts is one of the primary keys to make Ocean a very competitive product range.
Ocean is designed for hotels, conference centres and other buildings in which signs must be updated several times a month or even more frequently. The range includes door signs, notice boards, prices signs and name signs. All of these feature paper inserts. Our sign templates facilitate printing and help you ensure uniform quality. Ocean also includes moveable table stands, floor stands and projecting units for holding Ocean signs. 

Pacific Interior

This characteristic curved form started a whole new trend in architectural signage. The original Modulex Pacific is still going strong and has been inspiration to many of our competitors.
With its clean, curved lines, Pacific Interior looks great in most environments requiring inviting signage. The panels are built from modules that can be moved around and combined to create 100% individual solutions that are easy to update. Pacific Interior supplements Pacific Exterior to create an aesthetically cohesive look both indoors and out.

This system can be featured with tactile text and symbols and braille in line with legislation. 

Panorama (Interior)

Raising demands of dynamic organisation and the hardcopy machines in the office, lead to the development of paper flex signs, also known as window signs. Panorama was the first on the marked.
Panorama is a paperflex system that can be updated quickly and easily. The system allows frequent signage updates and is especially suitable for hotels, conference centres and hot desk areas. With its gently curved fronts, Panorama combines nicely with other indoor signage systems from Modulex. Our convenient MS Word templates enable you to produce professional-looking graphics as you create and print signs that are tailored to your brand and meet your individual needs.


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