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Modulex Digital Signage

Since 1984 when we were the first signage company to release an electronic sign we have continued to innovate – developing digital signs that provide flexibility, interaction and a timeless design. Draw on our digital knowledge and experience and international network of strong partners and you´ll be provided with limitless capabilities that meet your digital needs, no matter the level of customization. 

Interactive digital painting

Chromalex is an innovative interactive digital painting that constantly creates changeable nature motives taking the viewer on a fascinating and calming journey.
Chromalex is an innovative digital product developed especially for the healthcare segment. The motive on the display is constantly moving in a harmonious way and the unique combination of nature motives, colours and movement have a calming effect. This positive distraction influences the patient’s self-recovery process. The choice of colours is interactively following the rhythm of nature. This makes every image unique and the viewer will never see the same image twice. Chromalex has been tested and developed in close co-operation with patients being treated for cancer as well as healthcare staff.


Dynamic signage

If you´re searching for a reliable dynamic solution that is tailored to meet your specific needs – this is the place to look! Our dynamic signs offer unlimited opportunities.
Our dynamic signs provide elegant design combined with reliable and strong software options. The solutions can provide dynamic information management, dynamic wayfinding, display corporate presentations, run multimedia advertisement in e.g. reception areas or provide employees with corporate information. It can always be tailored to meet your specific needs.

You can even choose to have the panels that surround the screen painted and add graphics as well. All our products are engineered to run 24/7. Appropriate software options are provided and our close co-operation with leading software houses secures the best support available.



No strings attached! eFlex is a wireless digital signage system which is installed without any cables. The system is extremely flexible and can be fitted on walls, windows or simply placed on your desk.
eFlex makes it easy to update a building’s signs quickly, without having to rely on paper. When connected to a calendar or meeting reservation system, each individual eFlex sign is automatically updated via a wireless network. No cables are required for installation, which makes eFlex a perfect solution for mounting on glass, for example. Any information managed in a calendar or meeting reservation system can be displayed on your eFlex signs.


Facility View

Looking for user interaction and facility management in a timeless quality design? Facility View provides a digital system that elegantly improves your meeting room efficiency.
Our digital signage system FacilityView provides the solution. With direct connection to MS Outlook and MS Exchange the meeting activities are always visual and updated. Current meeting information and upcoming meetings are displayed. With the interactive solution the meeting activities can be controlled directly with a single touch on the sign. Book, extend or end meetings directly on the sign and activities will be updated on the MS Exchange server instantly.

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