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About Axon

Axon Business Systems LLC is a leading provider of Security Equipment, Integrated Solutions and Office Automation Technology in the Gulf region. Read more...


Our Brands                                                                                                     

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Our exclusive association with industry leading brands: a key advantage for you.

Trusted the world over, Chubbsafes is a leading international security company providing solutions for cash and valuable storage, data and document protection.

GBC is a world leader in products that bind, laminate and display information so people can accomplish more at work, at school and at home.

Gunnebo is an international security group that supplies integrated security solutions for customers with high security requirements.

For over 50 years, IDEAL shredders, trimmers, and guillotines have been legendary and are used worldwide in every application field.

ISGUS is a complete manufacturer of Employee Time Management Systems that develops workforce time tracking data collection terminals and software.

Legamaster has successfully established its place in the professional visual communication market with its highly practical, well thought-out products.

Modulex is a world leader in architectural sign systems that look good, work well, and support customers' brands.

Rotary produces complete solutions for fast, secure and cost-effective storage through its range of flexible static and mobile shelving.



Originally founded over 75 years ago, Sentry Group markets security products based on customer feedback that incorporate the latest technologies and design innovations.


Axon is also associated with other renowned brands such as Cassida, Spectronics, Todd Research, Sargent & Greenleaf, Chubblocks etc. 

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