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Plant Data Collection

ZEUS PDC delivers efficient production management supporting companies to maximise their investment in staff and resources and reduce overhead costs. ZEUS PDC provides real time data for the management of production processes and project costs in your company.
Fast and accurate time recording of operations and processes is made on the PDC terminals and PC based clients across all production areas from design to despatch. Access to real time production data is the basic requirement for management and control of production sequences leading to reduced process times, effective cost controls, optimised planning sequences and detailed information in respect of both lead & setup times.
Comprehensive validation checks, operation sequence planning and milestone functions ensure accurate recording of production times.
Detailed information relating to work progress, good yields, scrap rates and delivery times is presented on the booking terminals and PC screens.
Management information is available at any time for analysis of operational performance, comparative values across business units, Order history and target versus actual times. The PDC solution from ISGUS is always tailored to your individual requirements irrespective of the type of solution required. The PDC application is suitable for simple job or project costing solutions to bidirectional data transfer with major ERP applications.
ZEUS PDC is a modular system which can be enhanced with the addition of further modules at any time.
Project Time Recording

Order and project based time recording for small and mid-sized businesses across trade and industry.
ZEUS PDC records and processes productive / non-productive times per employee, prints job- and route cards, manages customer orders and delivers target times per order/project by cost centre.
Shop Floor Data Collection

Shop Floor Data Collection for mid-sized businesses in the manufacturing and service sectors. ZEUS PDC records and processes Productive / non-productive times per employee by order number, operation type, cost centre and cost unit along with management of operational sequences, machine cost analysis, target times, yields, order management and order progress.
ERP/PPS Communication

Shop Floor Data Collection with automated bidirectional ERP/PPS communication for SME’s supporting flexible parameterisation of
data import & export to most major ERP vendors. Comprehensive validation checks at the booking terminals effectively eliminate operator errors.

  • Analysis and recording of efficiency rates
  • Transfer of bonuses and efficiency rates to standard payroll programs
  • Integrated report generator
  • Comprehensive validation checks
  • Milestone function
  • Operation sequence planning
  • Group work
  • Monitoring & analysis of supply yields
  • ODBC import/export for communication with ERP systems
  • ASCII import/export
  • Overhead time allocation for collective orders
  • Parallel order processing
  • Allocation of absences
  • Default values and time types
  • Order Management Console
  •  Print out of labour tickets

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