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ZEUS Staff Scheduling delivers increased efficiency and cost savings

Implementing cost effective solutions that enable effective management and optimisation of employees working hours are a principle requirement within the healthcare sector. Efficient software solutions tackle both the vast administrative burden and the complex legal and scheduling policies associated with planning, calculating and reconciling employees' working hours.
ZEUS Scheduling has been created to address just this issue within hospitals and healthcare facilities. It has been designed to replace
manual scheduling tasks and to minimise the administrative burden on key staff, freeing them for other work.
ZEUS Scheduling automates this complex task and also delivers value added benefits such as alerts for both under and over staffing,
recording the hours worked for each employee and ensuring that statutory obligations in respect of the working time directive are effectively monitored.
Planning dialogue

The planning of shifts and absences is made by simply highlighting the planning fields and selecting the desired entry from a business unit specific list of shifts or absences. Frequently required planning entries can be defined as favourites, thus enabling shift planning by a
simple mouse click.When defining plans the user can show or hide various planning options such as target plan, actual plan, request plan, standby plan, extra work plan, etc. and view only the appropriate ones.
ZEUS Scheduling automatically calculates a target-versus-actual comparison between planned time, target time and actual worked hours. Personal employee time accounts such as carry forwards, target and actual times, holiday accounts, etc. can be viewed in form of
totals columns directly in the planning dialogue.
Personnel demand

The definition of demand plans within the application establishes visibility of how many employees with particular skill sets are required at specific times and on specific days, enabling scheduling conflicts to be viewed at a glance. The staff presence display shows appropriate staff available for work based on individual skill sets and the status of their corresponding time accounts. Planning decisions can be implemented directly from the staff presence information. Informing staff of new schedules and planning adjustments is essential, this is managed through direct access to personal records containing contact information such as telephone number, e-mail address and postal address so that staff can be immediately contacted with the new working schedule.
Planning possibilities
In addition to department related plans it is also possible to create department overlapping plans, such as night shift or standby pattern plans. Temporary employee transfers to other departments are also supported directly from the planning dialogue. Cyclical shift sequences at an employee level can be defined in advance in the form of working patterns and then be transferred by a simple mouse click to the draft plan.
The annual group diary is an additional option enabling planning and coordination of scheduled absences such as annual holidays, training courses, seminars and business meetings at a departmental level for a complete year. ZEUS Scheduling verifies compliance
with holiday entitlements and other business rules and non-conformance with policy can be approved and annotated within the system.
Audit trail
The scheduling plan is progressed from the ”Design” status to the subsequent status of “Valid“, “Approved“ or “Calculated“. Once the status has been defined as “Valid”, updates are only possible in the ACTUAL plan.
Calculation basis

ZEUS Scheduling automatically calculates individual entitlements for overtime and bonus as well as compensation for on-call and standby duties according to defined rules. Calculated hours are transferred to the payroll system via an integrated interface.
The following calculations are made:
• Bonus for duty during anti social hours
• Bonus for shifts and alternating shifts
• Holiday entitlements including basic holidays, age related holidays, holidays for worked night shifts and holidays accrued as a result of work schedules
• Absence credits
• Public holidays including accrued benefits
The planning models created by the system enable evaluation of complex scheduling options. The easy to use report generator provides a scheduling plan ready for printing and also details absences and departmental statistics including monthly clock card reports.
ZEUS Scheduling has integrated interfaces for transferring data to all standard payroll systems and other applications.


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