Add-on Digital Sign System

Add-on Digital Sign Service

Add-On Products Digital Sign Service is a user friendly system that is;
1. Adaptable to specific needs
Software support hardware based on iOS, Android, Win 7,Win 8 and Modulex. Meeting booking can be done via Outlook or on touch screens outside the meeting rooms.
2. It can be combined with other products
Can be upgraded to a full scale management solution with other products such as Resource Central and Ariadne which can supplement to efficient functionality to Digital Signage.
3. Meeting room information
It integrates efficiently with the Microsoft platform. Any meeting booking made on Outlook is displayed on the digital platform and avoids confusion about ongoing and future events. Updates or changes in bookings can be done on the touch screen outside the meeting room as well.
• Display meeting bookings to avoid confusion.
• Update meeting schedule
• Easy installation
• Improves communication
• Memo Board to employees and/or visitors

A template with the Company logo can be made which will reflect a consistent professional image. The same screen can be used for marketing ads of company brands and products when there are no meetings happening.

Digital Sign Service supports a wide range of hardware.
1. Tablets
2. iPads
Any hardware based on iOS, Android, Windows 7,Windows 8 or Modulex can be used for your digital signs. A familiar platform like Windows 7 can be used for easy support.


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