Add-on Meeting Room Booking System

Add-on Meeting Room Booking System

Add-On Products delivers solutions for all. Digital sign service provides an interactive listing of in-progress and upcoming meetings on conference room digital signs. The individual listing of meetings is based on information extracted directly from Microsoft Outlook calendars and the Microsoft Exchange server which provides two options; to have a static view or allow users to book and edit meetings directly on the digital sign.

Digital Sign Service lets you seamlessly integrate digital signs with the Microsoft Platform. Book a meeting in Microsoft Outlook and the information will automatically be displayed on the digital sign outside the meeting room. And if the meeting room is available, book your meeting at the door sign to have it directly update Microsoft Outlook and exchange. Its that easy.

Digital Sign Service is a Microsoft Outllok and Exchange -integrated digital signage solution for meeting rooms and offices. With digital sign service, you are able to see if the room is in use, view today’s upcoming meetings, as well as book, extend and end meetings directly at the door sign.

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