The ZEUS solution for webbased Time & Attendance

The web connects all company locations, subsidiaries and home offices, providing a worldwide communication platform.

Advantages of web based Time & Attendance

Administration expenditure and routine tasks within your personnel department are visibly reduced with employees communicating direclty with ZEUS® via WebClient and web based Workflow. The WebClient will significantly assists you in managing your Time & Attendance via the web. All information is provided in real-time.


ZEUS WebClient provides direct time account management via the web, including:

  • Creation of new employee records
  • Assignment of daily patterns
  • Absence planning
  • Updating forgotten bookings and totals
  • Access to reports and evaluations


The ZEUS WebWorkflow function enables your staff to make an absence or an update request. This information is then directly transferred to the next response level of line managers.

  • Official absences, holidays, updating of totals or bookings updates
  • Unlimited number of individual validation sequences for each request type, absence, person or group
  • Request status notification via e-mail


The ZEUS WebTerminal enables your employees to record time bookings via the Internet directly from any remote location and workplace:

  • Time- and absence bookings
  • Cost centre changes and inquiries

Web Time Allocation

Allocation of calculated attendance times to:

  • Projects and activities
  • Orders and/or cost centres

The data is then accessible for further processing in cost accounting, invoicing and control services.

Web Presence Indication

The following information is available in real-time:

  • Current presence/absence status of employees
  • employee names in alphabetical order, or filtered according to department or occupational field.