Cash Handling

Cash Handling

Gunnebo’s SafeCash range provides fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions for any industry where cash-handling is an issue. The range includes self-service solutions for banknote, coin and value handling, able to adapt to the wishes of the customer.

Cash is still the most used and widely accepted form of payment in the world. This has been around 27 centuries and it will not change in the years to come.
83% of all retail payments are still made in cash*. This means many industries such as banking, Cash In Transit companies or retail still have to manage and process considerable volumes of coins and notes every and deal with security risks, cash management processes and the cash chain optimization challenges.
Gunnebo’s total cash handling offering includes back office systems, recycling machines, deposit units, software services and integrated solutions for banks, retail and CIT to improve security, cost-efficiency and productivity of the cash cycle and processes.

*According a study made by the Deutsche Bundesbank. 

SafeCash Retail Deposit Highspeed

SafeCash Retail Deposit Smart

SafeCash Retail Recycler

SafeCash Retail Station