SafeCash Retail Deposit Smart

SafeCash Retail Deposit Smart

The SafeCash Retail Deposit Smart is a completely standalone system that is user-friendly and offers your customers many appealing features.

The note deposit system
From direct payment to transport by a cash in transit (CIT) company, SafeCash Retail Deposit Smart is the ideal solution for safely reducing your cash holdings. Sums deposited are validated immediately after the deposit process is over. The security of Euro notes is guaranteed by a note recognition module certifi ed by the Deutsche Bundesbank.

The real-time cash level of each safe can be continuously tracked using Gunnebo’s web-based monitoring software. This can either be hosted by Gunnebo or by the retailer, who may choose to run the program locally or centrally. Export of data via this system can also be realized in many ways.

A modern cash handling system
The identifi cation of users is done via a 4-digit ID number with optional pin code. The hierarchical structure allows any number of users to be managed. The device is navigated from a TFT touch screen. All peripheral devices are known from commonplace cash register systems.

Identifi cation (chip card reader)

Users can identify themselves with a 4 digit user ID, optionally combined with a 4 digit pin code. Various hierarchical levels allow different rights to be granted within the system.Each hierarchy has special program features.
Deposit (banknote checker)

Money is deposited in bundles of up to 50 banknotes. The integrated banknote checker places these notes into an interchangeable cassette. A banknote recognition module certifi ed by the Deutsche Bundesbank ensures the authenticity of Euro notes.If the cassette is completely full, or banknotes cannot be read in, a safe bag can be deposited.The manually documented values in the safe bag are
booked automatically.
Receipt (thermal receipt printer)

After a deposit is completed, a receipt is issued based on the amount deposited.The receipt documents the value of the sum deposited, which is immediately credited to the user’s account.
Hand scanner

Product Features

• Easy integration of the system into existing workplaces
• A completely autonomous system
• UL safe with a mechanical or (optional) electronic lock
• Integrated banknote checker for depositing bundles of up to 50 notes
• Euro notes verifi ed by a note recognition module tested by the Deutsche Bundesbank
• Barcode-capable interchangeable cassette for up to 1,200 banknotes
• Thermal printer for receipts
• Manual safe bag deposit as a backup solution

Technical Details


• Dimensions approx. 70x46x45 cm (HxWxD)
• Weight approx. 150 kg
• Power 230 V/50 Hz
• PC Pentium III or better, Windows XP
• TFT Touch screen
• Hand scanner
• Thermal receipt printer


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