SafeCash Retail Deposit Highspeed

SafeCash Retail Deposit Highspeed

The SafeCash retail deposit system provides high-speed retailers a flexible and convenient solution for the deposition of notes, maintaining a continual Overview of the contained components and an immediate value date of the amounts paid.

This system was developed specifically for markets or stores that have a high cash volumes. Note bundle of 300 notes can be paid, collected and recorded in a deposit process. Unrecognized or suspect counterfeit notes validated by the Governing validator detected and again the operator returned. An online connection to the process or service Feed value and the bank allows for a a flexible collection of the deposited stocks and other direct deposit to the posting of  Bank account. By storing the notes in the paid an automatically welded Safebag pickup designed to quickly, easily and safely. The transactions can then by – at an integrated touch screen – any operator ID for the deposit in the monitoring system to understand in detail, so that the risk of Stockouts is greatly minimized. Relieves the SafeCash retail deposit high-speed system Their employees Zähltätigkeiten and others so related activities in the cash office.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • More efficient banknote handling
  • Reduced back-office expenses
  • Real-time monitoring of stocks -flexible CIT collections
  • Immediate position p value of amounts paid
  • Perfect transaction transparency – less deficits

Technical data
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1260 x 600 x 570 mm
Weight 530 kg
Validator ECB-approved
EURO banknote reader
Up to 300 notes per bundle,to 1000 notes at a deposit
Safebag capacity up to 10,000 notes deposit rate 300 notes / minute
resistance level CEN IV
Software CashControl
Option coin counter


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