SafeCash Retail Recycler

SafeCash Retail Recycler

High Speed Retail Recycle R5


The solution storage and recycling HSRD R5 is designed to make life easier for retailers. banknotes in bundles of 200, are validated, counted and deposited in a single operation.
SafeCash R5, the complete self-service deposit and exchange solution for banks and retail. Take control of the cash-cycle. The SafeCash R5 enables employees and customers to swiftly process notes and leaves the machine to do the rest of the work in a secure way, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
By taking self-service to the next level you can reduce cash handling time and costs, allowing you to focus on value-added activities. The three largest cash handling costs that can be decreased through automation of cash handling are employee time, back office administration and cash transportation.

SafeCash R4

Self-service cash-recycling system. Allows banknotes to be withdrawn as well as deposited, creating a closed cash-cycle for
cash-in and cash-out transactions. Also used for exchanging to other currencies and multicurrency deposit. Complete selfservice cashhandling solution in one compact terminal. Processes up to 12 notes per second and can hold up to 12 500 notes at one time. Available as TTW and FS mode


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