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Modulex by Axon

Beautiful and functional signs, high quality finish, exceptional life, great advice and implementation – that’s Modulex, by Axon.

Modulex offers an unrivalled range of architectural sign systems which have been developed in cooperation with leading designers to reflect the latest trends in architectural design. As their exclusive partner in the UAE, Axon adds value to Modulex by carrying out complete wayfinding and signage studies, as well as offering the widest range of Modulex products.

Dynamic Signage

Ariadne is a family of digital signs that help you easily and effectively manage your indoor environment. Beneath Ariadne’s attractive surface lies some of the most advanced technology yet devised for keeping visitors and staff informed, entertained, updated and moving in the right direction.

Ariadne makes it easier, and more efficient, to help your guests find their way by guiding people through unfamiliar environments and ensuring that up-to-date information they need appears exactly when and where they need it.

The programmable system makes it easy to greet visitors personally, even when you can’t be there in person. Ariadne also provides a real-time overview of all meeting facilities. At the appropriate time, welcome boards, overview signs and room signs automatically indicate precisely when and where a meeting will be held.

The system supports multimedia and livens up reception areas with video presentations, television and the Internet.

Exterior Signage

From Compass, a traditional post and panel system, to Illumina, a sophisticated, high-performance, illuminated system, Modulex offers a diverse range of exterior signs.

Many Modulex sign systems cover both exterior and interior environments, providing design continuity and the opportunity to achieve a consistent application of the corporate identity throughout the facility. This feature is complemented by our capacity to provide bespoke exterior signs for special applications, such as large-scale, illuminated wall and roof signs, monoliths and landmark features.

Interior Signage

Modulex practically invented the interior architectural sign system. For years architects around the world have been specifying stylish and adaptable signs from the Modulex range.

Collaboration with the best designers and an uncompromising approach to production quality has produced the best range of interior signs in the business.

Modulex Interior signs are simple, elegant and contemporary. Components are modular and freely interchangeable, allowing efficient updating and maintenance, with guaranteed consistency and quality of finish.

More Information

As exclusive agents for Modulex, Axon also carries out detailed studies on wayfinding and signage needs. For more information on how your building or office project can benefit from Modulex and Axon, please feel free to contact us.

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