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Donatello – Digital Signage Solution


Reengineering the concept of Digital Signage; a state of the art fusion of hardware and software, Donatello is Wavetec’s Digital Signage solution that allows corporations to connect with its customers through an exceptional network of digital displays. It focuses on promoting your business by redefining customer care and experience and providing solutions with an integration platform for advertising and engaging customers. Donatello is a Digital Signage player managed by Wavetec’s Picasso – a web-based application that delivers high definition videos and images, live TV, RSS Feeds, Stock Tickers, integration tools, scheduling and more, all from one central location, at anytime, anywhere.
Revolution has taken place over the years to manage customer service and with Wavetec’s Donatello you get a platform for creating interactive media experiences for various industries. Donatello empowers you with much more than just being a simple controller. It can seamlessly be integrated with Wavetec’s eQueue system for ticketing information and serving customers shown over a display and it’s not just about the screens on the wall whether they are displays or a video wall Donatello unlocks affordable solutions across various industries. It offers countles ways to promote your business with and update your screens through a central web based server over LAN/WAN or through a USB flash drive.
There are major benefits for digital signage solutions over the traditional static medium, including ability to update content remotely over the web or to interact with your local audience.

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with Wavetec’s eQueue system
  • Quick and Easy content uploading
  • HD Videos/Images
  • Text flips and scrolls.
  • Import content and create channels from RSS Feeds.
  • Allows custom scheduling and displaying properties for content
  • Dynamic designing of content with various canvases & layouts.
  • Background template management
  • Provides multilingual support.
  • Dynamic Content and Playlist Manager
  • Low Power Consumption

Why Digital Signage?

  • Focused Advertisement
  • Dynamic
  • Cost Effective
  • Multipurpose & Centralized Display

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