Centralized Security Management Interface

Centralised Security Management Interface

Access control, intrusion detection and CCTV are the fundamental starting-points of a security system. Being able to act and react in real time across all these functions is also essential.

Gunnebo has developed SMI Server, a complete integrated electronic security system that meets the requirements of companies wishing to optimize security management, providing them with:

A multi-function and multi-site system
SMI Server system is designed with modules that cover the full range of security needs: access control, intrusion detection, CCTV.

A powerful management software interface
Based on a single supervision system that responds to the security management and tracking problems, Gunnebo’s solution offers a global view of all your sites and the security functions in place at each one.

By managing both hardware production and software development, Gunnebo is able to provide a scaleable system that adapts easily to new technologies and market standards and to the companies’ business environment and organization.

Gunnebo SMI Server