Add-on Ariadne Wayfinding Solution

Add-on Ariadne Wayfinding Solution

Ariadne: Wayfinding Digital Signage Software from Add-On Products

Create a powerful customer experience, enhance internal communication, and make visitors feel welcome with Ariadne’s digital signage solutions. You can display content of all types on your digital signs with Ariadne, including customized graphics that reflect your branding, meeting and event schedules, videos, pictures, and RSS feeds.

No matter what industry you’re in, there is an application for digital signage. Ariadne is used in all types of sectors, including the following:

• Hospitality
• Retail
• Healthcare
• Advertising
• Manufacturing
• Entertainment
• Education

Ariadne can be used to display personalized greetings and messages to visitors, wayfinding to help people get where they need to go or advertising to upsell or cross-sell to customers, to name a few options. The messaging and content that you display on digital signs can be customized to suit time, location, and even individual viewer.

Driving Unified Communications Across Your Organization

Owing to its integration with Outlook®, Lotus Notes, and Micros Opera, any bookings made in your calendar are automatically displayed on your digital signs. Furthermore, users can create and publish content anytime, anywhere for digital signs located throughout your facility and in multiple locations.

In addition to being offered as an on-premise solution, Ariadne is also available as hosted software. Ariadne’s hosted solution allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of digital signage software without the capital investment. Using a hosted solution lowers your company’s total cost of ownership (TCO).

Guide Visitors with Wayfinding Digital Signage

Help visitors and guests find their way from point A to point B with wayfinding digital signs. Wayfinding digital signs lead visitors through your facility with directions that are displayed in an engaging and interactive format. Whether you need to guide healthcare personnel through a hospital during an emergency or you want to help your employees find their way to meeting rooms, Ariadne’s wayfinding digital signs help people quickly navigate through your facility. Features of Ariadne’s digital signage wayfinding software include the following:

• Directional arrows guiding visitors to meeting rooms
• Real-time updates of meeting and event schedules to prevent booking errors
• Improve internal and external communication with targeted content and messages

By using a wayfinding solution like Ariadne, receptionists no longer have to provide people with directions or help them find their way around. This increases their productivity and frees them up to focus on other tasks. By combining Ariadne with the Outlook® meeting room software Resource Central, you can display up-to-date meeting schedules, book meetings, and order extra services like catering or audiovisual equipment to save your company time and increase efficiency.

Make a Strong First Impression on Visitors

Provide a warm and friendly welcome to visitors and customers at your facility with Ariadne’s digital signage software. Digital signs enhance the visitor experience by displaying personalized greetings, company logos, and helpful information. Enhance relationships with business partners, customers, and other visitors in the following ways:

• Provide targeted information meeting each visitor’s needs
• Make visitors feel welcome and at ease by displaying their names and company logo
• Display announcements and up-to-date news
• Strengthen your company’s image with branded displays

Enhance Company Branding

Customize your digital signs with your company’s logo, font, and colors to boost your corporate image and create consistency across all communication channels that your company uses. You can even use digital signs to promote your products and services to customers. For example, you could play company videos or display advertisements. Features of Ariadne include the following:

• Standard templates that are ready to use right out of the box
• Customizable templates with graphics that can be adapted to fit your brand
• Video streaming for promoting your company’s products and services

Ariadne’s digital signage solution can be used to create and display eye-catching content that maintains people’s attention. You can also sell space on your digital signage to other vendors and create additional streams of revenue.

Works with a Wide Range of Hardware

Ariadne’s flexibility makes it a cost-effective, long-term solution. You can use your preferred operating system with Ariadne, whether it’s Android, iOS, Modulex, or Windows 7 or Windows 8. Ariadne works with a number of different tablets, such as the user-friendly iPad or durable Modulex screens, which are designed to run around the clock. You’ll have the ability to change your digital signage hardware in the future without changing your software because Ariadne doesn’t lock you into using a single type of hardware.

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