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The ZEUS Staff Planning solution

Your employees represent the most important asset in your company, regardless of whether your business is in industry, in the healthcare sector, in trade, in the services sector or in the public services. The ideal scenario is created if personnel availability and personnel skills exactly correspond to your personnel demand. Experience however shows, that in practice it is difficult to adapt to the permanent demand variations. As a result, in times of increasing personnel demand you try to counter-act this problem by means of extra work, with auxiliary personnel or temporary staff thus burdening your success factor, whereas your personnel capacity and personnel costs continue to be high in times of low personnel demand. ZEUS Staff Planning is the optimum solution to this problem and assists you in managing your human resource demands, always ensuring the personnel strength with the required skills at the moment when needed.

Your benefits

Competition and intense cost pressure persuade entrepreneurs to rethink the utilization of their resources.  ZEUS Staff Planning helps you to face up this challenge,  providing optimized deployment of your staff and ensuring reduction of personnel costs, increased service quality, absolute dependability in meeting deadlines and high customer satisfaction.


Reduction in costs and high efficiency

Modules ZEUS Staff Planning and Time Management perfectly complement each other. The planner using the time patterns and personal definitions from Time & Attendance, all calculations are made correctly, providing precise cost control.


Minimum planning effort

Thanks to ZEUS Staff Planning, the planning procedure is considerably facilitated. The basic occupancy for a determined planning period  is defined in base plans. Thus increased  or reduced demand and unforeseen shortages of staff on account of illness can be adjusted correspondingly.