Rotary Mobile Shelving

Rotary Mobile Shelving

Rotary mobile shelving systems are the ultimate in high density storage. When you have lot of materials to be stored but do not have that much storage space available, what could you do? You could shift to larger premises which will be an expensive alternative, but there is another good option for you. You can increase the efficiency and capacity of storage with the help of a rotary mobile shelving system. A rotary mobile shelving system boosts space efficiency, saves your money and improves your working environment.

You have to use just one aisle to access all the shelves. This system can utilize its full height, width and depth which allows you to increase the storage in the space available. If you do not require additional storage, you can free the space for other purposes.

Rotary mobile shelving systems can be modified depending on the type of operation and level of activity. This depends on the frequency of accessing the particular storage position. It allows easier and quicker order-filling regardless of whether it is unit storage or rack storage because it occupies less space. Its design and engineering has been proved really good.

The rotary mobile shelving systems feature a push button which locks the assess areas automatically which helps to eliminate the access area and lock in closed position.

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