SafeCash Retail Station

SafeCash Retail Station

The SafeCash Retail Station is a full cash recycling solution where cashiers can quickly and securely fi ll, refi ll and empty their tills.
At the beginning of the day, a cashier receives either a pre-defi ned mix or can choose from a selection of mixes depending on authorization. Coins are delivered by denomination in separate bowls to make fi lling and refilling easier. During the day a refiil of certain denominations is possible up to a pre-defi ned limit. A head cashier is able to perform all these actions on behalf of cashiers.

At the end of the day, the cashier returns to re-deposit the cash. The station simultaneously counts and authenticates the notes and coins before delivering a receipt. 800-900 coins can be counted and sorted per minute and up to 8 notes counted per second. Neither notes nor coins need to be fed into the machine one by one – bundles of up to 200 notes and the complete till with coins can be deposited in one go.

The SafeCash Retail Station is based on cash handling components used in a bank environment. Both the note- & coin recycler are well proven technologies giving it the best up time possible. The retail station is particularly suited as back-offi ce machine for the bigger retailers starting with 5 cash tills or more. It reduces the risk for robbery and increases security by safely storing cash through the night. Notes are kept in a certifi ed safe with extra ink protection available as an option.
Cash management and monitoring
The real-time cash level of each safe can be continuously tracked using Gunnebo’s web-based monitoring software. This can either be hosted by Gunnebo or by the retailer, who may choose to run the programme locally or centrally. Access to the system may be granted to CIT partners to help optimise route planning and pick-up times. Gunnebo service may also be connected to monitor the technical
status of a series of machines so that maintenance and updates can be carried out before a problem occurs.
Same-day credit
As soon as notes are deposited, details of the amounts can be sent to the bank allowing the retailer’s account to be credited that working day. (Note: This can only be done with the cooperation of a bank).
Quality and environmental management systems
The SafeCash Retail Deposit is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 for environmental Management Systems.

Counting and Sorting


• Sorting Speed 800 – 900 coins per min
• Sorting capacity up to 8 denominations
• Coin capacity 22.500 coins (Euro) + overfl ow of 10.000 coins
• Dispensing speed 3 coins per second – simultaneously
• Coin dispensing coins are sorted into bowls by denomination and stored in a lockable drawer
• Counting speed up to 8 notes per second
• Note bundle up to 200 notes per deposit (multiple desposits possible)
• N° of cassettes 5 cassettes (standard confi g. 2 deposit, 3 recycling)
• Volume per cassette 2300 – 2500 notes (depending on note quality)
• Escrow up to 200 notes
• Safe Grade III certifi ed safe (1143-1)

Technical Data
• Orientation Freestanding – frontload
• Service Frontload
• User Frontload
• Dimension (H x W x D) 1620 x 1270 x 850
• Weight 950 kg (empty) – 1100 kg (fi lled)
• Power supply 230V, 50Hz
• Power consumption 190W (idle state) 550W (normal operation)
• Operating conditions T 5°C – 35°C, H 20 – 80%

Benefits at a glance
• Wide variety of functionalities to process and recycle notes and coins
• Improved cash management
• Less back-offi ce administration
• Real-time monitoring of cash levels – better CIT service
• Complete transaction transparency – no cash discrepancies Optional (in cooperation with third party companies
• Same-day credit
• Back-offi ce POS matching


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