Integrated Solutions

Axon Business Systems goes beyond just selling products. We are happy to take on complete projects, from the advisory level through to the implementation level.


Axon has been in business for over 50 years. During this time, we have built up expertise that goes beyond just product knowledge. Today, we are proud to state that a significant portion of our business comes from Integrated solutions, where we work in detail with our clients starting from the project inception all the way to it’s implementation.

You will find that when it comes to planning signage, maps, and a system to help people find their way through your building, no one does it better than our wayfinding and signage specialists. Our team can work directly with architects and designers to ensure that not only is your building visitor-friendly, but that all signage comforms to an organizational identity and branding.

While our wayfinding and signage team helps make it easier for people to access your premises, oursecurity solutions team advises and guides you on how to make your premises secure. Our security specialists are experts in external as well as internal site protection and in planning and provisioning for secure storage. We also help you manage your employees through the appropriate use of access control hardware.

We also help you spruce up your office and set up highly professional meeting rooms, boardrooms, and training rooms by employing top-of-the-line communication and presentation equipment. Our products and solutions, including rail-mounted presentation solutions, are elegant, effective, and easy to use.

Finally, to help you keep your documents and files organized, we employ teams of shelving specialists who are experts in designing and implemeting compact, mobile shelving systems.

So whether you’re looking for wayfinding and signage help, security solutions, setting up visual communication facilities, or archive systems, Axon is there with a complete solution.