Axon Service Team Appreciation


The purpose of writing this is to show our appreciation of service provided by Axon .

Our Sentry Safe was not unlocking ,the issue was taken up immediately by your service department  by mail.

Ticket was assigned to Amad Atique and he spoke nicely and was  very helpful and the issue was resolved in less than 1 minute by Amad Atique.

Such level of service shows the high standards of your service department.

We are proud to have made the decision to purchase the safe from Axon through Taha Shah.

Just fyi we also have two GBC binding machines .

Thank you very much.


Jerry Rodrigues

deNovo Corporate Advisors

Emirates TowersLevel 25

P.O.Box 9948

Dubai, U.A.E.

Office: +971 4 507 1027

Fax: +971 4 507 1001