Partnering with renowned companies such as ChubbSafesGunneboSentrysafe and SJsafetech, Axon provides safes and other secure storage products for a wide range of applications.The choice of a safe depends on what needs to be stored and what level of protection it requires. Document safes provide effective fire protection for important documents. Cash, jewelery and other valuables which run a high risk of being stolen can be protected in a safe built to prevent unauthorised access. All safes can be fitted with key and combination locks or high-security digital locks.
To guarantee that a safe maintains the highest quality necessary, both safes and locks undergo stringent fire and burglary tests. With a few exceptions, all models are certified in accordance with the globally trusted UL or EN standards.

Home Safes

Safes for home users and small offices require a basic level of burglar protection and minimum degree of fire protection. EN Grade 1 rated safes are considered adequate against burglar attacks and fire protection. Our range of home safes is available from Chubbbsafes, Sentrysafes and SJsafetech safes. Please find a range of safes shown here.