Security Equipment’s

Security Equipment's

Within every organisation and authority, irrespective of size and remit, there is a need to protect important documents, valuables and data media against theft and fire. Invaluable information can be stolen or destroyed by fire, endangering the very existence of a business.

Partnering with renowned companies such as Gunnebo, ChubbSafes, Rosengrens, and SentrySafe, Axon provides a wide range of safes and other secure storage products for a variety of client needs. The choice of safe depends on what needs to be stored and what level of protection it requires. Document safes provide effective fire protection for important documents. Items at a company which run a high risk of being stolen can be protected in a safe to prevent unauthorised access. All safes can be fitted with key locks or high-security electronic locks.

To guarantee that a safe maintains the highest quality necessary, both safe and lock undergo stringent fire and burglary tests and with few exceptions, all models are certified in accordance with the world’s premier standards.